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At Webber Germano Construction (WG Construction), our extensive knowledge and expertise as a General Contractor ensures consistent, quality work and a seamless execution every time. Over the decades in the industry, we have created a solid reputation for being known to tackle the “impossible” jobs - the jobs our competitors assess as too complex, too intricate or too risky. We say, bring it on.

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Our Projects

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Place de Ville, Ottawa
Queen Street ramp replacement - April 2017

Success under complex conditions

"Due to the project’s size of 70000 sq.ft. and the ramp’s inconvenient location, extreme challenges were presented. The need to keep all electrical-mechanical services intact while working on shortened timeframe and restricted working hours were difficult yet not impossible for WG. They demonstrated a high level of expertise and flexibility, as well as professionalism and pride of workmanship."

- Brookfield Office Properties Management

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Saint-Justine Hospital, Montreal
Major concrete repair in main kitchen completed in 20 days by 20 workers with 4000 hours - July 2016

Success under short deadlines

"We really appreciated working with WG Construction. Exceptionally, they accepted to work around the clock during the construction holiday. They were also considerate of the noise and dust during the repair work and we would definitely want to work with them again. A big congratulations for a job well done!"

- Sainte-Justine Hospital

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Crack Injection of rare complexity - March 2017

Vincent d’Indy Reservoir, Montreal

"During massive leak of potable water for the City, our company rapidly and successfully designed a unique and specialized work method to seal in the leak and make the tank waterproof using NSF-61 certified products."

- Adam Webber, president of WG Construction

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