At Webber Germano Construction (WG Construction), our extensive knowledge and expertise as a General Contractor ensures consistent, quality work and a seamless execution every time. Over the decades in the industry, we have provided our clients with comprehensive restoration solutions including engineering, consulting, estimation and project management as well as specialized services. From preventative maintenance to your parking garage structure to total concrete slab reconstruction, from repointing masonry to precast panel or brick cladding replacement, and everything in between, you’re in good hands with WG Construction. - the jobs our competitors assess as too complex, too intricate, or too risky. We say, bring it on.

Project Management


Planning strategically for your business to secure every opportunity.

From Start to Finish, We Provide:

Strategic Planning & Tactical Decision Making

Cost Efficient Processes

Effective Time Management



Prioritizing your crisis with tact and care so you can go on with your business as quickly as possible.

We Undertake:

Structural Assessment

Hazardous Material Analysis

Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

24-hour Emergency Response



Within a traditional construction approach, we focus on competitive pricing and a seamless execution to ensure expectations are always met.



Turn-key from start to finish.

Through close collaboration and a clear understanding of your business' development and design needs, we deliver functional, cost-efficient and viable solutions that translate into unique benefits.


Safety is Our Priority

We have established methods and practices that consistently out perform security expectations. By always being proactive and vigilant of the changes between each of our projects, we ensure a tight control of security in order to limit incidents and maximize productivity. Once the job is completed, our team clears the site of all debris to ensure parameters are safe for you to use. Your safety, your satisfaction and our quality is our priority, and we will never steer away from that.