At Webber Germano Construction, we are consistently pushing the boundaries of concrete repair with better processes and lower wastage. Concrete repair is no mystery to us. In fact, 40 years in the industry has made us the “go-to” General Contractor for these types of jobs. There are four steps to concrete repair:

Surface Preparation

When the time to prepare the surface for your project arrives, our team is equipped and trained to make an optimal preparation, no matter what the current state of the membrane is. The original membrane will be removed in the most optimal time to ensure a quick transition to the next steps of your project. It is crucial to remove the membrane and prepare the surface professionally for the success of your project. It is thanks to this step that the concrete repairs are durable and join our level of professionalism.

Treatment of reinforcement steel

Before any concrete repair, it is essential to strengthen and remove any corrosion from the steel bars. An anticorrosive agent is applied to ensure the longevity of bars without rust. This will allow for a stronger concrete and one that will deteriorate less over time.


Suitable Materials

When carrying out your project, our team of experts will ensure that all the products used meet your expectations. Our experience allows us to determine what materials are needed, even in the most unique and uncommon cases. We are able to perform the work with products and materials that meet or surpasses the complex conditions that could stand in our way.


To ensure we meet your standards and expectations, we pay particular attention to the finish of the repairs made. We are always on the lookout for innovative techniques that would ensure better longevity of our concrete work.


Safety is Our Priority

We have established methods and practices that consistently out perform security expectations. By always being proactive and vigilant of the changes between each of our projects, we ensure a tight control of security in order to limit incidents and maximize productivity. Once the job is completed, our team clears the site of all debris to ensure parameters are safe for you to use. Your safety, your satisfaction and our quality is our priority, and we will never steer away from that.