We offer a full range of products and services to waterproof and protect concrete structures and reinforcing steel against salt and other aggressive chemicals. When you have a project that requires waterproofing work, such as parking lots, balconies or factory floors, our team is the reference to meet your needs.Our team is trained to work efficiently and quickly in all possible situations. Their training is very extensive and affects a wide range of products to waterproof concrete. Our specialization includes cold-installed membrane, hot-applied bituminous membrane, and elastomeric membrane of any scale.

Cold-applied Membrane

With a wide service range in terms of waterproofing, the limits are once again crossed thanks to our cold waterproofing technique. This technique allows us to perform work in all possible situations, even when hot membranes can not be installed. We offer a solution to your waterproof work, no matter what the size and complexity of the application situations is.

Hot Applied Bituminous Membrane

With our hot waterproofing technique when using concrete membrane, the concrete structural surfaces are protected. This type of membrane provides exceptional strength and features that make it a very durable membrane.

Mastic asphalt

The Mastic Asphalt product comprises of suitably graded limestone aggregates bound together with asphalt cement (primarily refined bitumen’s) to produce a dense, void less material. It cannot be compacted and is spread when hot by means of a hand float, rather than rolled. Mastic Asphalt is an ideal material for a whole range of construction applications, in both new build and refurbishment, where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required which also increase the aesthetic aspects of the parking garage structure.

Why choose mastic asphalt?

  • Durability - With all the benefits of traditional asphalt but with a greater flexibility for a more robust, non-porous and durable covering.
  • Resistance - A seamless joint free monolithic system with a high resistance to mechanical damage during the construction process.
  • Lifespan - Correctly designed and installed will outlast any other system in the market.
  • Proven - Mastic asphalt is one of the oldest waterproofing products used today. It has been used for over 100 years.
  • Guarantee - The system carries an unrivalled system warranty for both materials and workmanship that outweighs other waterproofing systems.